Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplantation is employed to treat varied forms and degrees of permanent baldness in each men and girls. Intact hair follicles is also harvested from among the safe donor space (SDA) of a patient’s scalp by either vesicle unit strip surgery (FUSS) or vesicle unit extraction (FUE); every harvest home technique has distinctive benefits and drawbacks. The refinement of vesicle unit transplantation over the last decade has crystal rectifier to markedly improved hair survival and natural-appearing results.


This article provides a broad summary of the techniques employed by varied hair transplant surgeons throughout the planet. based on the principal of donor dominance (ie, hair follicles still grow within the new recipient space to that they’re introduced as long as they might have within the donor space from that they’re extracted), the sphere of hair restoration surgery (HRS) has evolved significantly since its origination in 1939. Natural-appearing results ar systematically doable and mirror a surgeon’s technical talent and creative ability.

Hair transplantation may be a surgery used for the correction of sex hormone baldness (AGA), cicatricial (scarring) baldness, or any sort of permanent hair loss in each men and girls.

Patients ought to be in physiological state so as to endure this manner of elective surgery. acceptable laboratory screening tests embody, however don’t seem to be restricted to complete blood count, humour chemistries, natural action studies (prothrombin time, partial coagulation factor time, international normalized ratio). it’s additionally common for practices to screen for antibodies to HIV hepatitis B and C.

Upon initial patient analysis, the medical practitioner should initial verify the etiology of the patient’s hair loss. solely once initial ruling out (1) general causes like thyroid abnormalities, polycystic female internal reproductive organ syndrome, or iron-deficiency anemia; (2) medical specialty causes which will be treated medically; (3) and telogen discharge (temporary hair loss that resolves over some months’ time), ought to a surgical approach to hair loss be thought-about.

Both men and girls is also deemed candidates for HRS as long as their donor space (both current and projected) is ready to yield a spare variety of hair follicles to adequately address the projected recipient space (a calculation termed “donor to recipient space ratio”). A case history of hair loss in each the maternal and paternal branches ought to be investigated and compared with standardized scales of hair loss in ladies and men (eg, Norwood Pattern, Ludwig Pattern). Young patients (in their 20s) with a restricted hair density in their donor space in addition to a projected Norwood kind VII or bigger hair loss, as an example, can nearly never have associate degree adequate variety of permanent “fringe” follicle reserve to deal with the long run recipient space and sometimes can not be thought-about candidates for the procedure.

Helpful screening technology that permits quantitative microscopic donor space measurements (eg, folliscope) aids physicians in patient crusade analysis by serving to to tell apart between terminal and vellus (or miniaturized) hairs.[6] Young patients United Nations agency possess quite two hundredth miniaturized hairs among their SDA might not ultimately get pleasure from the procedure as a result of, over time, the transplanted hairs might not persist.

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