Laser Hair Transplant in Pakistan Cost

Laser Hair Transplant in Pakistan Cost

Laser hair treatment is quite different topic to restore hair for hair restoration community. Many people are interested taking information and consulting doctors for laser hair transplant and cost especially. laser hair transplant cost is too high if we compare different countries like USA, Canada,France and Australia as compared to Pakistan. In Pakistan only few doctors are using the laser hair transplant especially in Lahore,Pakistan. Laser light actually encourages the protein synthesis needed for hair regeneration, and also stimulates blood flow to the area for better growth. Laser method is recommended for men by specialists. Laser hair transplant in Pakistan cost based on one year package and one session in Pakistan cost is about 10,000 to 15,000 approximately. But we can recommend you to get detail information and discussion fromĀ laser hair transplant in Pakistan cost.

Laser hair transplant in Pakistan is being practiced for the last few years successfully. Low level laser devices with certain wavelength or frequency are used to achieve this purpose. Laser hair transplant in Pakistan cost is differ from treatments options and laser light is being used to stimulate and strengthen the falling hair follicles. These miniaturized hair follicles convert into terminal hair and give hair volume and look improves in a significant way. There are various Laser devices manufactured all over the world but their purpose is same, hair restoration and re growth. FDA has cleared such laser devices after clinical trials and approved for hair loss and baldness treatment, laser devices proved their efficacy and effectiveness. Laser Hair restoration therapy consists of many sessions and at least Laser treatment for hair loss should be used six to nine months and in some cases up to one year can be extended. We recommend laser treatments after hair transplant in Pakistan. we can clearly explain this with pictures as :


How does laser therapy for hair fall works? Low level laser emits light that stimulate the cells of the scalp that produce hair follicles. It is scientifically proved that respiration have been improved at cellular level due to this laser treatment for hair growth. This increase in respiration makes cells more active and there is increase influx of mineral ions across the cell membranes and as a result increase in the production of proteins and metabolic activity. This change in mineral ions influx spread from one cell to another cell and increase in the activity of new blood capillary network formation in the scalp. The process increases the oxygenation and nutrients supply to the hair follicles. Thus those hair follicles which are weak and miniaturized become stronger and healthy. Production of hair is stimulated and there is increase in the number of new hair and thickness of the hair, which gives volume to the hair and result is heavy or thick look and appearance. Laser hair transplant in Pakistan brings drastic changes if it is continues for certain period of time.

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