Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplantation is employed to treat varied forms and degrees of permanent baldness in each men and girls. Intact hair follicles is also harvested from among the safe donor space (SDA) of a patient’s scalp by either vesicle unit strip surgery (FUSS) or vesicle unit extraction (FUE); every harvest home technique has distinctive benefits and … Read more

Seven Hair Transplant Side Effects

1. Temporary dilution of your hair  This is often conjointly known as “shock loss” and “shedding.” typically the hair that’s not transplanted is “shocked” and falls out. Some folks expertise bald spots, and a few simply expertise dilution. Some folks solely expertise shedding, that is that the traditional loss of 50-100 hairs each day that we … Read more

Scientists’ ‘vampire treatment’ for baldness

Scientists believe they may have hit upon a cure for baldness — but it is not for the faint-hearted. Researchers found they were able to regrow hair on the bald patches on people’s heads by injecting them with a solution derived from their own blood. The so-called “vampire” treatment involved taking blood from the patient … Read more